Co-founder of Microsoft and well-known philanthropist Bill Gates is currently traveling around India, and his many pursuits have garnered a great deal of interest and conversation on the internet. A video that went viral on social media recently showed Gates sipping chai at a popular tea shop in India. In the video, Gates can be seen enjoying a cup of chai that he had made while chatting with Dolly Chaiwalla, a well-known tea vendor from Nagpur who is quite active on social media.

Bill Gates with Dolly Chaiwalla:

Dolly Chaiwala has gained popularity on social media for his peculiar approach to brewing and selling tea. The social media guru has a tea business in Nagpur and has over 10,000 followers. With the following commentary, Gates posted the now-viral video to Instagram, “In India, you can find innovation everywhere you turn– even in the preparation of a simple cup of tea!” 

At the beginning of the video, Gates asks Dolly Chaiwala for a cup of tea. The tea vendor then uses his special technique to make chai. Gates talks about how excited he is to be in India while sipping the hot beverage.

Bill Gates’s Video:

The video’s text appears to read. In closing, the video shows Gates standing next to the tea vendor, looking forward to talking over tea or chai per charcha. “I’m excited to be back in India, home to incredible innovators working on new ways to save and improve lives and even make a special cup of tea,”

Bill Gates stated in the description of the post, “In India, innovation can be found in every corner, even in the making of a simple cup of tea.”

The video has received a lot of attention online, and many people are shocked and happy to see Mr. Gates embrace the local way of life by getting a cup of chai from a well-known street seller.

Bill Gates India Visit:

In addition to visiting a Bhubaneswar slum and interacting with the locals, Bill Gates is now visiting India. Gates visited the Biju Adarsh Colony inside the Maa Mangla Basti with state government representatives. Gates interacted with members of women’s self-help groups (SHGs) that were active in the region in addition to asking about the well-being of the slum inhabitants. In these efforts, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation works with several state government ministries.

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