Season 2 of The White Lotus has arrived on HBO and HBO Max, with episodes airing every Sunday evening at 9 p.m. The second installment of the comedy-drama has a new collection of characters and a different setting, with guests making their reservations at the White Lotus hotel in Sicily. However, there are two familiar faces from Season 1 who have returned for the new episodes of the anthology series—and fans of The White Lotus cannot wait to see what happens next.

Jennifer Coolidge is reprising her role as the wealthy but troubled Tanya McQuoid, which won her a Emmy for best supporting actress earlier this year. In Season 1, Tanya was mourning the death of her mother and struggling with grief in Hawaii. This time round, audiences will see Tanya in a different light, but with the same chaotic energy. Jon Gries is also back for Season 2 as Tanya’s love interest, Greg. His return will be more surprising to audiences because, at the end of Season 1, Greg was seemingly dying from a mysterious illness

In Season 1, the seemingly unremarkable Greg and the fabulously spoiled Tanya fell head-over-heels in love at the White Lotus resort in Hawaii and when audiences see them in Season 2, they are married. The couple go on a romantic trip to Sicily, but cracks are beginning to show in their relationship.