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>There are so many top rated and well known  Punjabi film production companies in Punjabi Film Industry such as Omjee Productions , Rhythm Boyz Entertainment   and  so on .GREMIN MEDIA is one of them who never fails to mesmerize the audience with their top-notch projects . Well , to talk more about this company , It is a Chandigarh based movie production and distribution house which is known for its talent and dedication towards work .

Gremin Media’s PROJECTS

Being a Punjabi film producton company , Gremin media has given numerous exclusive and bigger projects to Punjabi Industry including Punjabi songs  and movies : LANKA , THANA SADAR and many more in the to do list . They have also done songs with renowned singers of Punjabi industry and promoted them on various social media platforms .                                                


GREMIN MEDIA’ s major project SARKARI GUNDAY (a Punjabi language movie) is yet to be released . After releasing of the poster of film , excitement and suspense can be seen among the audience . Along with this ,  Gremin Media  is not only performing their excellence service in  Punjabi industry , but because of their talent and sharpness towards the work , they are looking forward to extend their field in Bollywood as well. Interestingly , for the same KHILJI which is a hindi movie is GREMIN MEDIA’S upcoming project which is also excitingly waited by audience .


Punjabi cinema (Pollywood) is developing at a fast pace  in these days . Hundreds of movies have been produced till now and many of them have been recognited internationally .Initially , Punjabi films were not financially strong enough , but now they have reached to maximum budget of 10 crores .After the corona Pandemic hits , Punjabi Cinema has witnessed a huge breakdown . Before 2020, their were hardly 4to 5 films released but now their numbers surged to around 15 movies in a year . Moreover , Biggest OTT (Over The Top) platforms such as Amazon and Netflix are also streaming  Punjabi language stuff these days which is a great achievement for Pollywood . CHAUPAL which  is a punjabi language app has set a target of uploading 100 films a year and if this happens surely pollywood will reach to another level.

Apart from Punjabi cinema , they are also working on promoting songs on various social media platforms such as Instagram , on  YouTube by using alluring thumbnails , twitter and  so on . As we all know , these platforms have million billons users . Meanwhile , they can promote the content incredibly and clients can see their glory short span of time . So, whosoever wants to promote their content and be famed , GREMIN MEDIA can be their first priority as they have done the same for many Punjabi artists . Some of the famous Punjabi songs which they have already promoted are as EDDAN NI by Amrit Maan , PAMMA JATT by Korala Maan , JHANJAR by Ravneet and still counting. Gremin Media has an army of personnels who are highly skilled and experts ,because of this they  work accordingly  to client feedback and business requirements.

Last but not least , production companies ,  distribution houses , Actrors and whosoever works in Punjabi industry is doing their best to bring Punjabi industry to its peak . Gremin Media is one such illustration from them who is working efficiently on their projects . Even , we can analyze their results from the reviews they got from their clients and audience as well .