Yes Papa is an upcoming Hindi-language crime and thriller movie. The movie is directed by Saif Hyder Hasan and produced by Sadia M. Hasan. Starring Geetika Tyagi, Anant Mahadevan, Hasan Zaidi and Tejaswini Kolhapure as lead characters along with Nandita Puri and Sanjeev Tyagi. The movie is scheduled to release on 29 March 2024.

Yes Papa Synopsis:

The movie revolves around the life of a daughter, who becomes a victim of violence inflicted by her father. The movie depicts the unsettling spirit of a father hovering over his daughter, who finally faces trial for his murder. Vinita murders her father, Sagni Ghoshal, who molested her as a youngster, after he expresses interest in her daughter. The judge must deliver her verdict.

Yes Papa

Yes Papa Cast:

In the movie, Geetika Thyagi portrays the main character, a girl who experiences sexual abuse at the hands of her father. Anand Mahadevan appears in the movie portraying her father, while Nandita Puri plays her mother. Atul Kulkarni and Tejaswini Kolhapure play attorneys in the movie as well. The movie also stars Hasan Zaidi as Geetika‘s spouse.


With the exception of a few sequences, “Yes Papa” is shot in black and white. With a running duration of less than 90 minutes, the director stated that the goal of the film is to engage the audience in conversation. Despite early concerns about the certification procedure, the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) avoided editing any sequences. The movie is screened to the National Human Rights Commission, the Delhi Commission for Women, and UNICEF, allowing for a larger debate on the difficult issue.


Geetika Thyagi portrays Vinita, who is charged with murder. She is described in the introduction as “sexually frigid” and a divorced lady. The story takes the viewer back in time throughout the trial to show Vinita‘s difficult upbringing. It discloses the details of her father’s sexual assault of her. She doesn’t tell her mother about it, even though she finds it repulsive.

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