Vehli Janta is an upcoming Punjabi drama movie. The movie is directed by Ravi Punj and produced by Gurmeet Lopon and Nishant chaudhary under the banner of Captab Entertainment, Gremin Media and Rabbji Film Productions. Starring Mandeep Dhami, Surmeet, Jaspreet Jassa, Sajan Kapoor, Kamal Nazm and Sinderpal Sony as lead characters. The movie is slated for release on March 24, 2024.

Vehli Janta Synopsis:

This film’s plot revolves around three friends, Goldy, Hira and Sabar, who are educated and seeking a respectable job. However, they do not get work. Goldy’s father dies one day from a snake bite, causing his mother to become insane. Goldy engages in criminal activity in order to obtain his mother’s therapy. He and his companions start thieving and doing drugs. Inspector Allah Singh arrests and imprisons them. Allah Singh eventually leaves them for a better future because they are educated.

In the meantime, Hira’s father dies. Following the collision, Hira decides to surrender to the police. Goldy becomes terrified and kills his friend Hira. Sabar also dies due to some reasons.

Vehli Janta

Vehli Janta Cast:

Mann Dhami is a Punjabi singer and actor. Dhami has appeared in Punjabi film “LANKA,” which was released shortly by his own production firm. He played an appealing and vital role in the picture, which was undoubtedly be appreciated by the viewers.

Surmeet Mayyar is a Punjabi actor, writer, motivational speaker and pharmaceutical business man. He has also appeared in Punjabi film “LANKA” as Peter.


Ravi Punj wrote and directed the movie. All India release by White Hill Studios, which is produced by Captab Entertainment, Gremin Media and Rabbji Film Productions. Executive producers are Gurmeet Lopon and Nishant Chaudhary. Music by White Hill Studios and Anshul Sharma.


So, this film on three friends’ lives will be interesting to watch. How educated young boys from middle-class families fall into the wrong habits as a result of a lack of employment opportunities. This film also shows the reasons for the rise in drug addiction in Punjab.

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