Mansooba is an upcoming Punjabi family-drama movie. The movie is directed by Rana Ranbir and produced by Manjit Mahal and Aashu Munish Sahni under the banner of Ansh Productions Inc and Farsight Studio. Rana Ranbir, Malkeet Rauni, Sardar Sohi and Navdeep Singh are among the cast members of this movie. The movie is scheduled to be released on 5 January 2024.

Release Date5 January 2024
GenreFamily & Drama
DirectorRana Ranbir
CastRana Ranbir, Malkeet Rauni, Sardar Sohi and Navdeep Singh
WriterRana Ranbir
ProducerManjit Mahal & Aashu Munish Sahni
ProductionAnsh Productions Inc and Farsight Studio

The release date of the long-awaited Punjabi film ‘Mansooba’ has been changed, earlier this film was to be released in the first week of December, but now this movie will be released next year (2024). This is one of those movies that may make you feel something and remember it forever. Await being inspired, moved and amused by the remarkable journey of love and family.

Mansooba is based on a father-son relationship in which life constantly serves as a sobering reminder of how inadequate parenting can impact a child’s psychology. The movie depicts the highs and lows of the father-son relationship, bringing tears and happy moments to viewers. It takes them on an emotional rollercoaster. Get ready to lose yourself entirely in their heartwarming tale.

Beyond only being an emotional story, “Mansooba” is an uplifting trip. The movie brings to mind the affection that fathers give and the ways in which they influence our life. It imparts important lessons about the value of family, forgiveness, and savoring each and every minute spent with loved ones. This movie has the capacity to move you to tears and make a lasting impression. Get ready to be touched, amused, and motivated by the remarkable tale of love and family.

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