Razaa-E-Ishq is an upcoming Punjabi-language movie. Amit Sanouria is the director of the film, which is being produced by Sardarni Darshan Kaur and Harp Farmer and co-produced by Kuran Dhillon and Hardeep Dhurali. This is a unique love story film, with key roles played by Harp Farmer and Aanand Priyaa. Sarver Ali, Dr. Rajan Gupta, Ikattar Singh, Anita Shabdeesh, Nikhil Sharma, Kanwer Pal Kamboj, Anup Chhabra, Mukesh Chandelia, Yogesh Negi, and Maneesh Pachiaru are among the other important actors in the movie. Azaa-E-Ishq’ movie is set to release in the theatres on 8 December 2023.

Release Date8 December 2023
GenreEmotional, Romantic
Star CastHarp Farmer, Aanand Priyaa, Yogesh Negi, Ikattar Singh Sarver Ali, Dr. Rajan Gupta and Anup Chhabra
DirectorAmit Sanouria
WriterAmit Sanouria
ProducerSardarni Darshan Kaur and Harp Farmer
Co-ProducerKuran Dhillon and Hardeep Dhurali
ProductionHarp Farmer Pictures, The Audio Company and Mohali Studios Presents

The plot of the movie revolves around a young girl, Inayat who develops feelings for a man named Abbu Coachman. They choose to elope together because her parents disapprove of their relationship. They lead happy lives up until the day the police invade their home and accuse Abbu of kidnapping a girl.

After being left without a way to support herself while trying to get Abbu out of jail, Inayat chooses to drive Abbu’s Tonga on her own. Later, she had to deal with a number of difficulties, such as receiving a coachman’s license, having her Tonga confiscated, and being hit with harsh fines.

At the end of the film, it remains to be seen whether Inayat and Abbu will be able to meet? Will they separate or stay together? The movie is based on an emotional Punjabi love story. For the first time, Harp Farmer and Aanand Priyaa will star in this film. Their chemistry will be worth seeing. It remains to be seen whether this film will do well in theatres.

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