Shubh Chintak is an upcoming Punjabi drama movie. The movie is directed by Ravi Punj and produced by Gurmeet Lopon and Nishant Chaudhary under the banner of Captab Entertainment, Gremin Media and Rabbji Film Productions and distributed by White Hill Studios. Starring Mann Dhami, Rupali Sandhu, Satta Dhillon and Surmeet Meet in prominent roles. The movie is slated to be released in theaters on 22 March 2024.

Shubh Chintak Plot:

This story is about a Tapori boy “Santi” who considers himself to be a huge fan of Sanjay Dutt, he collects money from people in the street. One is his friend who is short in stature, he extorts money by scaring people every day. One day, both of them are coming for collection and a girl is coming from the front, whose daughter is also with her. She gets splashed with mud from Santi’s bike. She fights him a lot but Santi just keeps looking at her.

When they come home, Santi is lost in the memories of that woman day and night. Finally, one day if he proposes to her. The woman tells this whole story to her uncle. The uncle tells him about a betel nut killer Durbar. The court demands 25 lakhs from them. That woman puts a game on Santi.

Shubh Chintak

Shubh Chintak Screenplay:

The movie is written and directed by Ravi Punj. White Hill Studios is releasing the movie across India, with production from Captab Entertainment, Gremin Media, and Rabbji Film Productions. The executive producers are Gurmeet Lopon and Nishant Chaudhary. Music is composed by White Hill Studios and Anshul Sharma.

Star Cast:

Mann Dhami is a Punjabi singer-actor. Dhami starred in the Punjabi film “LANKA,” which was released shortly by his own production company. Now he played a character as Santi in the movie “Shubh Chintak.” Now Mann Dhami is also appearing in the new Punjabi movie “Vehli Janta.”

Satta Dhillon is a Punjabi actor known for Family 420 Once Again (2019) and Ravneet: Suit Majenta (2020) and associated with the movie Shubh Chintak.


In this film, it will be seen whether Santi will succeed in winning his love or will fall victim to the deception of that woman, who cleverly traps Santi in her trap and collects 25 lakh rupees of betel nut from him.  

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