Salman Khan Firing Case: Actor Salman Khan’s home was shot at on Sunday, and two gunmen were taken into custody by Mumbai police, according to officials.

Gujarat’s Bhuj nabbed Bihar residents Vicky Sahab Gupta and Sagar Shrijogendra Pal yesterday night.

According to sources, police detained the suspects after receiving a tip when they were hiding in a Bhuj temple.

On Sunday morning at approximately 5 a.m., two boys on a motorcycle shot four bullets outside Bandra’s Galaxy Apartments, where the actor resides, then escaped.

Salman Khan Firing Case

CCTV video shows that both suspects wore headgear and had bags. In addition, the video showed them fire at the actor’s residence.

To get to Mr Khan’s house, the accused purchased an old bike in the Raigad region. They rode the bike to Mumbai from Panvel, where they had leased a residence for the month.

Both are belong to the infamous Lawrence Bishnoi gang, according to police sources. Due to his participation in many high-profile murder cases, including those involving artist Sidhu Moose Wala and Rajput politician and Karni Sena commander Sukhdev Singh Gogamedi, Bishnoi is presently being held at Tihar Jail.

Anmol Bishnoi, Lawrence Bishnoi’s brother, took credit for the gunshot incident outside Mr. Khan’s home after it happened. He described it as a “preview” and warned the Bollywood star in an internet post.

The motorcycle belonged to a man who lived in the Panvel neighborhood of Navi Mumbai and was found abandoned close to Mount Mary Church, which is a little over a kilometer from the actor’s residence, according to authorities.

Following the incident, police assigned extra officers to Salman Khan‘s security squad. The actor has also been directed to notify the Mumbai Police before leaving his residence. He has been instructed to stay at home until something urgent arises.