Soundarya Jagadish, a well-known film producer from the Kannada Sandalwood industry, died on Sunday. He was fifty-five years old. Officials believe suicide was the cause of death. He was discovered dead at his home in Bengaluru’s Mahalakshmi Layout, according to news.

Soundarya Jagadish

Soundarya Jagadish Demise:

Jagadish attempted suicide by hanging and the motive for this severe action is unknown. He was rushed to the hospital, but physicians proclaimed him dead. He had no health difficulties, according to his friend Shreyas.

To a query about Jagadish receiving a bank notification recently and whether it may have been the cause, he answered, “No, there is no link with this. That problem has existed for some time now. “Business issues are distinct.” According to Shreyas, the police were notified right after, despite “misleading reports” that the death was caused by cardiac arrest.

Soundarya Jagadish’s wife statement:

The police have filed a case of unnatural death, suspect the 55-year-old Mahalakshmi Layout resident committed suicide at 4 a.m. They were notified of the event about 9.40 a.m., after Jagadish was certified dead on arrival by medics at a hospital and his corpse was retrieved by family members.

DCP (North) Saidulu Adavath stated that Jagadish’s wife filed a complaint. “We are looking at the case from all sides. His mother-in-law died recently, and he became melancholy since he was so devoted to her. “He was also taking stress medication,” she informed reporters.

About Soundarya Jagadish:

Soundarya Jagadish is an Indian film producer and businessman who has mostly worked in the Kannada cinema industry. Soundarya Jagadish has produced successful films such as Appu And Pappu, Mast Maja Maadi, Snehitharu, and Ramleela. His son Snehith is a film actor who has appeared in movies such as Appu And Pappu and Appu Pappu.

As per the reports, the bar was recently embroiled in a controversy over late-night partying by several film stars and crew, which resulted in a temporary licence cancellation.