Sher Khan is a Hindi-language drama movie. The movie ‘Sher Khan’ was announced in 2012. Sohail Khan is set to helm the movie, which will star Salman Khan and Kapil Sharma. Now, in a recent interview, Sohail Khan discussed the movie and his hopes to revive it.

Salman Khan plays a lion-hearted He-Man avatar. The movie would be a jungle adventure with strong VFX. It was originally rumored that the long-awaited movie has been postponed indefinitely owing to VFX concerns. Sohail Khan announced during the Celebrity Cricket League season 10 promotional event that he plans to return to Bollywood alongside Sher Khan, with the film set to begin production in 2025.  

Sher Khan

In an interview with News18, the actor and director, who has worked on films such as ‘Hello Brother’ and ‘Jai Ho’, disclosed his ambitions to revive ‘Sher Khan’ and stated that it might begin production in 2025.

Sohail remarked, “That’s (VFX) one area where technology is growing by bounds. Every time we would finish the scripting of Sher Khan, I would watch another Marvel film and that used to make me feel backdated in terms of what I’ve written and how I want the action to be. I knew that by the time the film comes out, it would look backdated.”

According to his opinion, “That fear of thinking about creating something that would release three years later is something I needed to tame. I realized that I’ve to think of something that’s the future and not the present. That’s exactly where Marvel and DC films score. They pre-empt what’s going to happen. Our action is more human, so when we go into technology-based action, there’s a slack. We think of the present times while the rest of the world keeps moving on.”