Nowadays, people are more curious about web series and movies coming out of the subcontinent, with the rising popularity of Korean dramas in India and all over. This amazing 9 episode series created such a huge wave among the audience throughout the world. Lately, within a month of its release, Netflix’s South Korean web series Squid Game has enhanced its popularity as a global sensation. 

The show is going to gather the mammoth renown as the most-watched show on streaming platforms. Infact, netizens are trending numerous games shown in this survival drama and playing it themselves. It’s actors are receiving global fame and earning a huge amount of appreciation from the audience. Moreover, this amazing series is written and directed by Hwang Dong-hyuk. The South Korean series stars an ensemble cast of proficient actors like Lee Jung-jae, Park Hae-soo, Jung Ho-yeon, O Yeong-su, Anupam Tripathi, Gong Yoo Wi Ha-joon among others.

Squid Game
Squid Game

What is the Squid Game Netflix show about?

This dystopian series is somehow a commentary on the struggles and economic condition of the people of South Korea. It depicts the story of 456 people crushed with crippling debt and have no way to get back on their feet. But, fortunately they are being approached by a mysterious salesman, who offers them a probability to perform in a game. The winning prize of the game is 45.6 billion South Korean Won. They are being taken to a mysterious locality, which is guarded by the strange masked guards. 

The very first round of squid game gets started with a simplistic game of children and it is announced that the one, who is failing to cross the finishing line will be eliminated. Meanwhile, the others will be qualified for the next round. It is also conveyed that people who will be breaking the rules of the games would also be eliminated. Till the time, everything is going so far, so good. However, one crucial detail is being left out which the contestants figure out while playing the game, here, ejection means death. On the other side, a policeman working in Seoul, ends up at the mystic place while looking for his missing brother. In addition, it is also full of emotions, suspense, drama and tremendous twists. Infact, we can say it is a must watch.

Why is the Squid Game gaining so much popularity?

The dystopian Korean show works with numerous themes and real-life based issues of the individuals. The story portrays the economic crisis, class divide, capitalism, the hustle culture and most importantly- thinking of one’s survival above anything or anyone. It becomes a kill or die situation for the participants because the game is designed in a way to eliminate in every individual stage. Which brings out the unthinkable and unbelievable in the characters, who may go to any extent, from manipulating to pushing someone to their death. It also depicts how the entitled upper class of the so-called society have no remorse for controlling the lives of common people and take pleasure in watching them kill each other. A line in the web series portrays, “You bet on horses. It’s the same here, but we bet on people.”

As per the Squid Game news, the fresh and unique script, along with the strong and ensemble characters are enough for the series to linger in the minds of people for long. Nevertheless, adding one more factor to its widespread popularity is that few of the elements of the series have become a part of our pop culture. Which got possible by the means of social media posts, trends, videos, cosplay and merchandise. 

However, this success did not come to them overnight. Even the writer Hwang Dong Hyuk had to do a large amount of struggle to make this happen. Because for almost a decade, the script was rejected by various producers and actors. He even had to stop writing and sell his laptop for survival money. The writer had to go through a survival game of his own before the show became a phenomenon. Once in an interview he revealed via saying that the people told him the project is weird and unrealistic. Now, the show is going to be introduced as the most watched show on Netflix and people are waiting curiously for the release of Squid Game season 2.