Jaagde Raho the latest Punjabi song by Arjan Dhillon was released on May 11, 2021 on the official YouTube channel of Brown Studios. The lyrics of the song advise us to take care of our loved ones, because it is not easy to find true love in this modern era. The amazing music video depicts the lyrics in its own unique way. Actually, he releases a book named Begania Raatan in the video and a journalist asks him, “Are you joining the writing profession full time or are you heart broken?” Then he replies that there are a number of things which can be shared or not, it all depends on the author. Infact, this book has three chapters, you may read and you will get your answers.  He answers that yes! I was cheated numerous times, but nobody knows I cheated also, or you may say that I cheated on someone that is why I got cheated. Karma is biggest of all, as you sow, so shall you reap! Amazingly,  this song has gotten incredibly popular and crossed 7 millions of views on YouTube in just three days.


SongJaagde Raho
Singer/Lyrics/Composer :Arjan Dhillon
Female LeadsAakanksha Sareen, Akaisha Vats, Heera Sohal
MusicDesi Crew
Mix MasterDense
Conceived by Gurpreet khetla
Video Sandeep Sharma
Presented ByBrown Studios & Harwinder Sidhu
ProducerHarwinder Sidhu
LabelBrown studios


  • This amazing song Jaagde Raho written, composed and sung by Arjan Dhillon himself.
  • The video is directed by Sandeep Sharma, the most talented video director of the Punjabi entertainment industry.
  • This song is released under the music label Brown Studios.
  • Moreover, Arjan is associated with Brown Studios and given numerous amazing projects to the industry.
  • The music is given by the most enthusiastic music company Desi Crew, who are well known for a number of projects in the industry.
  • He is in the spotlight after the release of the song because of the video and lyrics. Three stories have been shown in the video, which described the lyrics perfectly.
  • And, the singer tried to show both sides of the coin, which should not be ignored at any cost. 
  • The singer is so thankful after the positive response from the worldwide audience and social media platforms.