Yasir Hussain, a writer, actor and filmmaker from Pakistan, has criticized Indian TV shows. He described the Indian TV serial as “poison” and stated that he did not want his son to be in TV industry.

In an interview with Something Haute, He said that “Our industry is not a good industry. I don’t want my son to join this industry…Is this a job? An actor’s job is to do good acting. It’s a field where you should promote your craft, but consistently, you are being offered bad work.”

As the host mentioned that Pakistani television is seen in India, He said, “India ke paas apna drama dekha hai aapne? Matlab woh nations jinke paas ghatiya quality ka drama hai woh humare drama zaroor dekh rahe hain. Uske alawa kon dekh raha hai aapka drama? Aapka drama sirf wahi log dekh rahe hai jinke paas apna drama behtar nahi hai…India mein toh intehaayi zeher drama hai (make shooting sounds). Hamara drama unse toh behtar hai isiliye woh dekh rahe hain (Have you watched in India dramas? Nations with low-quality dramas are watching our dramas. Who else is watching Pakistani dramas? Only those people are watching our dramas whose content is worse…India has excessively negative dramas. Our dramas are better than theirs, so they are watching it).”

Hussain is well-known for hosting Hum TV’s The After Moon Show. The actor from theatre and television made his feature debut in Karachi Se Lahore (2015), a Pakistani film. He also wrote the script of the movie Wajahat Rauf and directed by him. He is marred to TV actress Iqra Aziz, is presently playing an adversary in the drama series Baandi.

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