India is a hub for the festivals and people do celebrate their cultural festivals every year. Typically, people were used to celebrating the same physically, but eventually due to the pandemic situation in the nation, people are not allowed to celebrate. But as per our opinion, a new trend is going to be introduced soon. The celebrations will be done digitally very shortly. Similarly, the most admired personality of music industry, Sidhu Moose wala is all set to start this trend for his fans with his upcoming album Moosetape. We are going to name this festival after the name of this elegant artist, Moosa Festival. According to us, Moosa Festival is going to start this May 15, which will end on July 21.

As per Moose Wala Moosetape is more than music, it’s a movie, which will be released in thirty sequences. Moreover, he is going to release the first song on May 15 and subsequently the other songs will be released till July 21, 2021. During this, fans will appreciate the efforts of Sidhu via making  reels on Instagram, Snapchat stories and giving YouTube views. On the other hand, the naysayers will also play a vital role in the success of the album by criticizing and participating in this online carnival. And, various controversies may also be occured during this period. He wrote a message on the poster to inspire his fans, “ You will never be criticized by someone who is doing more than you. You only be criticized by someone who is doing less than you, remember that.” 

Sidhu Moose Wala Songs ( Audio – Moose Tape )

Bitch I'm Back (Official Audio) - Sidhu Moose Wala Moosetape

by Sidhu Moose Wala | Moosetape


SingerSidhu Moose Wala
Lyrics Sidhu Moose Wala
MusicThe Kidd, Steel Banglez, Snappy, Wazir Patar, JB
Video Directors
Sukh Sanghera, Raf Sappera, Tru Makers, Teji Sandhu, Hunny & PK Films, Jashan Nanarh
EditorGS Bhari
VFXAmit P Sharma
ColoristPrashant B Dhotre
DopSam Malhi
Production10+1 Creations
Production ManagerMandeep Hundal (10ZMA1uk)
Make UpHarman Dhillon
Features Bohemia, Tion Wayne, Stefflondon, Morrison, Divine, Rajakumari, Block Boi Twitch, Sikandar Kahlon, Mist, Sonam Bajwa
Artwork ByNavkaran Brar

Sidhu always be in the headlines due to the controversies with other artists and his provoked rhetoric. The poster of the latest album is designed like an old cassette cover and he has written some messages for his fans and haters. He writes, “ In spite of hailing from a middle class family, I managed to become a star with the almighty’s blessing. Once upon a time, i use to look at the stage from the last row, today I am on that very stage, due to my hard work, a lot of negative forces worked against me, but when have lions been scared of jackals, especially, when i have my fans, who are like my brothers, standing right next to me! My mother’s prayer saved me from falling and my father’s blessings saved me from crashing. Because of them, Sidhu has been able to succeed today. The album is exclusively for real ones and day ones, not y’all imposters and snakes, make sure y’all listen at your own risk, it might trigger some naysayers but it’ll be fuel to fire for OG’s cause only real recognises real!”

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