The Punjabi entertainment industry has always been in bloom. The industry has been evolving every day from the most energetic songs to inspiring movies. The image of the Punjabi industry has been observed to change drastically in the last decade. It has risen its popularity all over India and even around the world. Eventually, people can’t control dancing on the beat of Punjabi music that is full of life and is the main genre for parties anywhere. It has always been considered upbeat and everyone loves it. The Punjabi industry has so much talent that needs to be brought up more. We have been noticing a rise in the production houses that have been introducing new talent in the field. Similarly, one of the uprising production houses worthy of mention is Bang music. They have recruited new rising talents which have got immense recognition among their audience.

Currently, this Punjabi music company holds more than 4 millions of subscribers on YouTube with an overall count of 1,140,834,468 views. The Team of music label BANG involves artists like Jasveer Singh and Vikramjeet Singh. The founders are graduates in different fields like B. tech, BA, but are Artists by profession. They found the real talent that needs to be recognized by the world. Team Bang has given several artists a chance to come forward and give innovative beats which made the audience go crazy at parties or concerts. It also holds the fifth rank in online music streaming apps and the playlists are widely known amongst the young generation. Many singers and actors have got millions of followers from worldwide and are some of the most popular stars in the B-town. They are likely to set their steps in the film industry with an eye for pure and worthy talent, we are excited to know what the production house has more to offer.


LabelBang Music
FoundersJasveer Singh, Vikramjeet singh
Active from2019 - Present
AddressH No-724, Sector 91, Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, Punjab 160062
Contact +91-9464027588, +919721000003,


  • Stars like Amrit Maan who has been in the industry since 2014 and known widely, have joined this production house. His recent song “Eddan Ni” already has more than 16 million views on YouTube. He has successfully collaborated with Diljit Dosanjh and has gained fame through his music which is loved by the audience.
  • This label is becoming a great platform for amazing artists like Nikk, to showcase their skills. This 24-yr-old with approximately 414k followers on Instagram is all set to gain his social presence and mark his talent all over. His song “Yaari” featuring Avneet Kaur which was released in 2019 has gained over 274 million views currently and has been increasing rapidly. He is also well known for his songs like “Relation”, “Teri Nazar”. Nikk’s recent song “Chaar Churiyan” has over 12 Million views in a month! 
  • Another singer Korala Maan who released his successful song Dismiss 141 with over 97 million views on the YouTube channel is also an artist to look forward to from this production house. With almost all hit songs, he is a rising star in the Punjabi industry. 
  • It has also opened doors to artists like Chetan Kahlon, Karamveer Saini and we can’t wait for them to release new songs after their song “Way out” which was released recently.  These singers have curated songs that are loved by a larger range of audience and with the increase in views and subscribers, we can conclude that they are going to rise more.


2019O Meri Jaan aaNikk Ft. Shudita
2019YaariNikk Ft. Avneet Kaur
2019AkhiyaanJimmy Kaler Ft. Gold Boy
2019RelationNikk Ft. Mahira Sharma
2019Teri NaarNikk Ft. Avneet Kaur
2020 Teri Naar (Video)Nikk
2020PerfectMann Dhami Ft. Nikk
2020WishNikk Ft. Nikkesha
2020Chaar ChudiyaanNikk Ft. Avneet Kaur
2020BaraatGold Boy Ft. Youngveer
2020Dismiss 141Korala Maan
2020HoshNikk Ft. Mahira Sharma
2020FarebGold Boy Ft. Mahira Sharma
2020Badaami RangNikk Ft. Avneet Kaur
2020All GoodKhan Bhaini
2020Eddan NiAmrit Maan Ft. Bohemia
2020 Pamma Jatt Korala Maan Ft. Gurlej Akhtar
2021 Kde KdeHarvi Ft Adaa Khan
2021Do Vaari Jatt Jordan Sandhu Ft. Zareen
2021Delhi Ki Chhori Deep Jandu


  • This industry is widely popular overseas as well. Mainly in the UK, USA, New Zealand, and Canada, the artists have a huge fan following and their concerts have always been successful.
  • Since BANG has been successful in its launch of artists it should be seen as a promising stage for more artists and that’s what we are hoping for. Their appeal ensures that there is scope for more and we can expect them to set an even higher position in the industry of both music and film making.
  • The Punjab industry is a pool of talent and record labels are doing a great job in introducing more and more new artists. We are with the audience and extremely excited for what the team has to offer.
  • Opening up ways to newcomers into the industry is great to understand that there is more creativity out there. The best music company in Chandigarh, Mohali Bang Music has been doing that work well so far. 
  • We cannot stop noticing the increase in the visibility of the artists it holds and are sure that these artists will gain even more popularity soon looking at the music they have been releasing lately. They’re revolutionary and fresh which makes them close to innovations and creative to show their real talent even more.

Since there have been abundant changes in the quality of output the Punjabi industry has been providing, The music label has seen a lot of Punjabi music be remixed into Bollywood as used in multiple movies. There have been hits after hits and they’re been loved by the audience everywhere. The songs have also been popular on social platforms and you can’t get enough of the amazing Instagram reels people have been making using those songs. Even old folk songs have been recognized and are popular among the generation. The versatile nature of this industry has given rise to several singers and actors known today and some have even entered Bollywood successfully making their mark and representing the amazing Punjabi industry by showcasing it to the rest of India. The production house has lived up to its name so far and we are looking forward to more artists that they would have to offer for the music industry.