As industry is facing tough times with viewers shifting their choices time to time and boycotting movies , Saif ali khan and Hrithik Roshan’s Vikram Vedha is expected to be a relief as the viewers are waiting eagerly for it. This month is going to be dominated by two major movies having superstars of Bollywood “Brahmastra” and “Vikram Vedha” . While Brahmastra’s contents have been out since a long time, the team of Vikram Vedha had not unveiled any asset which is making people more curious about it.
As the teaser has just launched , seems like it has everything to make it a blockbuster. The 1 minute 46 seconds long promo lays out the idea of the film and briefly shows the confrontation between the characters of Hrithik Roshan and Saif Ali Khan. Saif arguably gets a raw deal but his massy, slo-mo walk and heroic look makes up for it. As for Hrithik Roshan, he dominates the teaser and how. His body language, look and performance is unlike anything that he has attempted before.