During a match at the Laver Cup tennis event Friday, an activist, carrying a lighter and wearing a white T-shirt with a message about private jets, made his way onto the black court and sat down near the net. Soon after, the protester lit the court and his arm on fire briefly delaying the start of the second set of match at O2 Arena. The person eventually was carried away by security guards.

Tsitsipas spoke to the chair umpire to make sure it would be safe to continue play and asked that a mark left on the court be cleaned up. He stated afterwards, “It came out of nowhere. … I never had an incident like this happen on court”. “I hope he’s all right.”

A man accessed the court this afternoon and was promptly removed by security,” the Laver Cup said in a statement. “Play was stopped briefly, he has been arrested and the situation is being handled by the police.”