Top Trending Tv News :

1.Tunisha Sharma suicide case new update –

Tv actress Tunisha Sharma who passed away on 24th December 2022 and was found hanging in the make-up room of her co-star Sheezan Khan on the sets of Ali Baba: Daastan-E-Kabul. In the latest statement, Tunisha’s mother told the media that it can be a suicide or a murder. She claimed that Sheezan did not take Tunisha to the nearest hospital. She said that Tunisha was breathing and could have been saved. Also she blamed that sheezan used to force Tunisha to take drugs.

2.Big boss 16 : Why Farah khan is being called as “fake” after she enters the show –

In Bis boss 16 show, Sajid Khan has been facing criticism ever since his entry in the show due to him being “Metoo” accused. Now in the latest episode , Farah Khan has entered the show to extend all her support to her brother. The video of Farah Khan breaking down while meeting her brother Sajid is making their fans emotional, while the other part of audience are criticising Farah saying she’s fake for supporting her ‘molester’ brother. Audience is saying that she is not showing her brother Sajid Khan his mistakes and the way he behaves with everyone especially Sumbul Touqeer and Abdu Rozik in the show.

3.Rakhi Sawant got a big shocker after exiting Marathi big boss –

This year, the very popular Rakhi Sawant became part of Bigg Boss 4 Marathi as a wild card contestant and made it to the top five. She could not win the show though but exited the show by taking Rs 9 lakh prize money. However, post the show, she got the biggest shocker of her life. Rakhi Sawant shared a heartbreaking video on her Instagram account revealing that her mother has been diagnosed with a brain tumor and is fighting cancer. She reveals that nobody told her that her mother was in the hospital when she was inside the Bigg Boss 16 house. As per the reports, Rakhi Sawant’s mother has been admitted to Tata Memorial Cancer Hospital, Mumbai.

4.Anupama cast members welcomed a new member on the show –

Anupamaa is one of the most widely talked about TV shows in Entertainment News. This show has been always receiving love from audience since forever. As per the last eat update, the fans are quite hooked on the new twist that the makers have brought in Anupamaa with the entry of Nitesh Pandey. He will play Dheeraj, Anuj’s childhood friend in the show. And it is said that Kavya will also get a new love interest.

5.Rattan Rajput exposes the truth of glamour world –

Rattan Rajput a very popular tv actress has recently shared a video on her Instagram wherein she spoke her heart out and revealed the real reason why high-class people commit suicide in the glamour world. She stated that due to show off people change their lifestyle without considering the fact that if they are able to afford it or not , so this has made people burdened and they commit suicide.

6.Shehnaaz Gill and Guru randhawa’s chemistry is being loved by audience –

Guru and Shehnaaz will be seen together for the first time in an album and they seem to have shared a good bond off-screen as well if you still have a doubt about it. The videos are going viral where they can be seen having fun during shoot. Sana looks absolutely beautiful in a pink alter neck off-shoulder dress, while Guru looks handsome in the light blue shirt. All the fans are in love with their sparkling chemistry and are wishing they do a movie together as Guru too is soon going to make his Bollywood debut soon as an actor.