Neeru Bajwa is making headlines by giving back to back hit projects including movies as well as songs.

Neeru bajwa is one of the most captivating and talented divas of punjabi industry. She has maintained her curves in a way the it is pretty tough to admit that she is 40 years old. In her documentary film Bollywood Bound, Neeru confesses to being a secondary school drop out who cared hardly at all about examinations and was constantly roused by the style of Bollywood, so she moved to Mumbai to satisfy her fantasies.

Bajwa married Harry Jawandha in 2015.The couple had their first offspring in August 2015.

The debut of this girl into Pollywood was made with the movie- Asa nu maan watna da.
In an interview, she herself mentioned that she shares the same excitement that she had during her first project. 
The actress has now decided to board the Hollywood bus. Recently, she has shared a post on her Instagram handle wherein she uncovered this news with her fans.
Soon after her first debut in Hollywood, she got offer for her second movie of English Industry.