Akshay Kumar’s next film, ‘Prithviraj’ that was booked to deliver on January 21 has been delayed because of Omicron and the precarious ascent in Covid cases in India.

A source said: “When you have a sureshot blockbuster at hand that will appeal to audiences across the country, you can’t gamble with such a huge product.”‘Prithviraj’ will hugely help with taking individuals back to the theaters and it can’t be delivered when it will not satisfy this reason. Business astute too it doesn’t seem OK to think twice about film that will round up the moolah in the cinematic world.
“It’s an easy decision to defer the film and measure Omicron and the Covid-19 situation prior to accepting an approach the following delivery date of the film.”
The flood in cases has brought about severe guidelines across India and a few business sectors like New Delhi likewise chose to close theaters.
“YRF was holding up till the last moment to check whether the circumstance in India and abroad works on however the speed with which Covid cases are speeding up, it pressured them into action to clutch the greatest title.”
The source added: “Everybody is checking out ‘Prithviraj’ to overwhelm the movies and set some new achievements in the post-pandemic period and YRF is focused on this conviction. They will put this task out when it can set the movies ablaze.”
‘Prithviraj’, coordinated by Chandraprakash Dwivedi, will likewise stamp the introduction of previous Miss World MANUSHI CHILLAR .