Avatar 2 is a sequel to Award-winning 2009 epic adventure ‘Avatar,’ which was released in theatres 13 years ago. James Cameron has unveiled new videos from Avatar 2 making the sequel the most awaited film of the year. The filmmaker has revealed several scenes from ‘Avatar: The Way of Water’, the second instalment of his epic sci-fi franchise, on Saturday at D23 Expo.

According to Deadline, the scenes, which were in 3D, were shown to attendees on two huge screens in the main Anaheim Convention Center room where the studio’s presentations with Disney siblings Marvel and Lucasfilm were held. The film once again centers on Worthington’s Sully and Saldana’s Nav’i character Neytiri. In the footage, one scene showed the Nav’i swimming underwater. Another is a youngster saying he wants to be different than his father. 

Worthington and Saldana will be playing parents in the new film. Worthington said on stage, “The whole movie deals with protecting the family. We’ve all gone through Covid and realized that love and being with family is paramount to what life is and it’s worth fighting for. We put that in the movie.” Cameron also said they remastered ‘Avatar’ for a whole new generation of movie fans. He said, “Who never got to see it in a movie theatre. That will be the drumroll and remind people of the story