Gremin media and Captab Entertainment is going to present a latest Punjabi movie named Lanka which is releasing on OTT platform Chaupal on 8th October 2022. Directed by Ravi Punj, Sonia maan, Sardar Sohi and Yaad Grewal are playing lead characters. The theme of the upcoming movie Lanka revolves around political drama and the poster of the movie makes an image of something really mind-blowing and exciting, that is on the way. As the title suggests, the movie is going to be an action thriller with amazing suspense. The story depicts how an innocent female character gets into  the colors of politics. Eventually, how the politicians use the youngsters for their political needs and ruin the hopeful life of the youth leading them to be a gangster. The story will relate to the numerous people, who could not come back to their normal life after being involved in politics or got hunted by the giant of brutal politics.

The story will portray the in-depth information of Punjab politics, most of the people are aware about, but could not be filmed yet. The script will conclude, how the political individuals get supported by the innocent people after being a culprit of society. But people will be curious to see whose Lanka will be shattered, because this Lanka does not belong to any only Ravana. In fact it will not be an easy task for the audience to find out who is the real Ravana of the story.Apart from this , the extremely talented star cast of movie is all set to amaze audience with their performances and the kind of roles they all have played . Sonia maan , a well known face of Pollywood is making a comeback as earlier she was seen indulging more in social causes and farmers protest. It will be really interesting to watch if audience will figure out the core message hidden behind “LANKA”.