Cooper Rush started his second game of 2022 and once again got the job done, completing 21 of 31 passes for 215 yards and a crucial touchdown pass to CeeDee Lamb push the Cowboys ahead of the Giants midway through the final quarter. Through two games, Rush has handled the monumental responsibilities of a Cowboys starting quarterback with grace, showing he’s capable of handling the reins. His performance helped the Cowboys out gain the Giants by more than a yard per play, and his series of completions on the aforementioned touchdown drive including a bullet to Lamb to convert a fourth and 4 powered the Cowboys to a big win early in the season.

The statistics don’t show it, but Jones played quite well (save for his final attempt, which ended in the hands of Trevon Diggs). Jones looked like the quarterback Giants fans have been praying he’d become for the last few years. He was poised, and even if some of his attempts came a tick too slow, he still let it rip throughout the night. Unfortunately, his receivers often didn’t do him any favors on the other end of his passes, nor did those tasked with protecting him. This loss is not on Jones, but the offensive line, which surrendered QB pressures on an astounding 40.5% of his dropbacks Monday night. Jones was quite literally under duress for much of the game, was sacked five times, and still found a way to keep the Giants afloat.