The Kapil Sharma Show is one of the most famous shows of Tv. The show is again in talks after the host Kapil Sharma blaimed for not promoting the movie,’The Kashmir Files’. The reason might make the fans little dissaponted as there is news that show to go off-air temporarily. The reason for the same is not controversial but host Kapil Sharma has some other professional commitments because he has  unavailability of dates to shoot upcoming episodes. A close source of Kapil Sharma told that,”Kapil has a month long USA tour planned mid-June and would be unavailable to shoot. The team thus decided to take a break during that same time. A few episodes, however, will be pre-shot to continue entertaining fans before they go on a break.” As , the host has planned a month long  USA tour. Last year in January 2021 , Kapil Sharma took break from the show when he became father for the second time .