Arjan Dhillon is a very talented Punjabi singer and lyricist associated with Brown studios, a well known music label in Punjabi music industry. He was born in a Sikh family on December 14, 1995 at Bhadaur (Barnala), Punjab. He started his studies from a CBSE academy in his own village. Then he went to Rahon and completed his schooling from Kirpal Sagar Senior Secondary School. Dhillon is graduated from Punjabi University, Patiala and did Masters in music from Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra. Moreover, this artist like to utilise most of the time in studying, writing and singing since childhood.

Arjan Dhillon began his career as a lyricist in 2017 by writing superhit songs for Nimrat Khaira such as “Suit” and “Ranihaar.” He began his singing career in 2018 with the song “Ishq Jeha Ho Gaya” from the Afsar movie which became really popular. He also wrote other superhit tracks like “Pind Puchdi” by Hustinder. In June 2018, Arjan released his first single, “Shera Samb Lai.” 
Following that, Arjan Dhillon composed a number of singles for Nimrat Khaira, including “Tohar,” “Ranihaar,” and “Lehnga.” His breakthrough came with the publication of his single “Bai Bai” in 2020. Following which he released his debut EP “The Future,” then in 2021, he released his debut album Awara. Arjan also released five singles in 2021: “Jaagde Raho,” “Pindaa De Naa,” “Pehli Peshi,” “My Rulez,” and “Kalli Sohni.” Arjan wrote the lyrics for Diljit Dosanjh’s “Luna” from the MoonChild Era album in 2021.The album reached number 32 on Billboard’s Canadian Albums Chart. Arjan Dhillon made his first appearance as a guest artist in Shipra Goyal’s Koke song, which he also wrote.
Following is the glimpse of some best songs of Arjan Dhillon as lyricist :

SongsingerLyrics Music Video Direction Label
1. Luna Diljit Dosanjh Arjan DhillonIntenseBen GriffenDiljit Dosanjh
2. KokeShipra Goyal Arjan DhillonDr.ZeusBhinder Burj Blue beat studios
3. What ve Diljit Dosanjh Arjan DhillonDesi crewBaljit DeoDiljit Dosanjh
4. Suit
Nimrat Khaira Arjan Dhillon Preet Hundal Sukh sanghera Brown studios
5. RanihaarNimrat Khaira Arjan DhillonPreet Hundal Sukh sanghera Brown studios
6. Pind puchdi Hustinder Arjan DhillonInderjit dhammuDimple Bhullar Tdot records
7. ToharNimrat Khaira Arjan DhillonPreet Hundal Tru makers Brown studios
8. LehngaNimrat Khaira Arjan DhillonThe kidd Burj shah group Brown studios

Arjan dhillon has emerged as a lyricist first and then stepped into the industry as a singer . He has made a special place in hearts of people by his remarkable and impressive songs.
Following is the glimpse of list of songs which were written and sung by Arjan dhillon.
Songsinger/lyricistMusicVideo DirectionLabel
1. Bai BaArjan DhillonMxrciI Can FilmsBrown Studios
2. Daru SastiArjan DhillonThe KiddI Can Films. Brown Studios
3. BadmashiArjan DhillonMxrci Brown StudiosBrown Studios
4. KathArjan DhillonMxrci Brown StudiosBrown Studios
5. Jatt disdeArjan DhillonThe KiddBrown StudiosBrown Studios
6. Ki ptaArjan DhillonYeah Proof Gold MediaBrown Studios
7. Jaagde rahoArjan Dhillon Desi crew Sandeep Sharma Brown Studios
8. KhyalArjan DhillonMrxci Unknown Brown Studios
9. Kaala JaaduArjan DhillonMrxci i Can Films Brown studios
10. Mull pyar da Arjan DhillonJayb Singh Arsh Singh and boywithlenz Brown studios
11. Gutt Arjan DhillonMrxci B2together pros Brown studios
12. ChupArjan DhillonMrxci Unknown Town media
13. Liv inArjan DhillonMrxci Unknown Town media
14. HaalArjan DhillonMrxci Unknown Town media
15. BlockArjan DhillonMrxci Unknown Town media
16. Pehli peshiArjan DhillonJ statik Btogther prosBrown studios
17. My RulezArjan DhillonMrxci Unknown White hill music
18. SettingArjan Dhillon Mrxci Unknown Brown Studios
19. Kalli sohni Arjan DhillonYeah Proof Savio SandhuBrown studios
20. Dass BilloArjan DhillonYeah Proof The town media Brown studios
21. Why ArjanArjan Dhillon Arsh HeerThe town mediaBrown studios
22. MaholArjan DhillonMxrci The town media
Brown studios
23. Sangdi SangdiArjan DhillonYeah Proof The town media Brown studios
24. Hold on Arjan DhillonDesi crewThe town media Brown studios
25. Shama payianArjan DhillonYeah Proof The town mediaBrown studios
26. Fire fuxArjan DhillonMrxciThe town mediaBrown studios
27. ScoreArjan Dhillon Arsh Heer The town media
Brown studios
28. DanabaadArjan Dhillon Yeah Proof The town media Brown studios
29. DopeArjan DhillonJayB Singh The town media Brown studios
30. Sade walaArjan DhillonYeah Proof The town media Brown studios
31. Mehal Arjan DhillonYeah Proof The town media Brown studios
32. Mandeer Arjan Dhillon J statikThe town media Brown studios

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