India captain Rohit Sharma was in punishing mood as the hosts levelled the 3-match T20I series in Nagpur on Friday, 23 September against Australia. Sharma hit four sixes and four boundaries on the day, scoring 46 off just 20 balls helping India chase down the total with four balls remaining.Gavaskar, speaking to official broadcaster Star Sports said that Rohit’s measured approach helped his case in the 2nd T20I where he stuck to his strengths and did not force something different out of him.

“What you saw with Rohit today was a measured approach. It wasn’t anything where he was looking to defend, but he was being a lot more selective. And look, when he is playing those flick shots or the swivel pull shots, he is very good at that. Where he gets into trouble is where he is looking to play on the off-side, just tonks it up like that, that’s where he hits the ball up in the air rather than into the stands. That’s the only thing that he is going to watch out for,” Sunil Gavaskar said after the commencement of the second T20I in Nagpur. He also added,”Otherwise, when he is hitting it in his range, he has got absolutely no problems at all. That’s what he should be looking to do. Today was such a measured innings. He was waiting, cutting the ball, pulling, he was not going bang straight away. That is the reason why he batted so brilliantly,”