Khaby lame is an internet sensation who gained immense popularity even without uttering a single word. Khaby, who is 21 years old, used to work in a factory in Italy. During the pandemic, he lost his job and started to make tik tok videos. His father advised him to find a new job but Khaby continued to follow his passion of entertaining people. Khaby made small reaction videos in which he trolls people doing simple tasks in a complicated manner. He also shows how to do them in a simple manner. His hilarious reaction and comic expressions has made him viral. His expressive eye roll and comic head nod will make you laugh hard.

After Khaby’s viral video, he has become famous across all the social media platforms like facebook, Instagram, and twitter. He has gained fame across the world. Recently, he has crossed 108 million followers on Tiktok and become the world’s second most followed person on Tiktok, which is a social media platform. Khaby Lame has become the fastest growing content creator on Tiktok. Khaby considers his muted language as a worldwide language. He has gained 38.2 Million followers on Instagram. He has gained followers in the most organic way.

Tiktok posted on linkedIn congratulating Khaby Lame for gaining 100 million followers on the app. They posted “Khaby Lame just reached 100M followers on Tiktok without saying a word. Congratulations, Khaby! Your mission to make people laugh and your creativity is something all of us at TikTok can relate to.”


  • Khabane Lame was born on 9 March, 2000 in Senegal, West Africa.
  • He was raised in Italy since his childhood, in a public housing complex in Chivasso.
  • In October 2020, Khaby Lame announced on instagram that he is engaged to ZairaNucci. She is from Sciacca.
  • The estimated net worth of Khaby is between $2 million to $ 4 million USD.
  • His sense of humour made him different from others and helped him gain immense popularity worldwide.
  • Khaby lame has become as famous as CharliD’Amelio who is the most followed tik-toker. She has 122.5 million followers.
  • If his followers continue to rise on this rate, then he will soon cross the CharliD’Amelio to become the most followed tik-toker.
  • Since childhood, Khaby was passionate about entertaining others and to make them. He will continue to follow his passion.
  • Before becoming a content creator, he used to work as a CNC machine operator in the North Italian Industrial town of Chivasso.


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