A movie starring Tabu, Kareena Kapoor Khan and Kriti Sanon is no doubt a filmmaker’s delight, a fact producers Rhea Kapoor And Ektaa R Kapoor can attest to. A trio of women spotted arguably among the Indian film industry’s most prominent actors, all in animated dialogue with each other, blissfully oblivious to the crew of photographers, stylists, makeup artists and hairstylists whizzing around them. When news of a movie starring Tabu, Kareena Kapoor Khan and Kriti Sanon surfaced last month, it sent the internet into a feverish tizzy. After all, Indian audiences are accustomed to seeing big-ticket multi-starrers spearheaded by male actors, with their female counterparts usually relegated to playing ancillary roles. But in this comedy-drama titled The Crew, produced by Rhea Kapoor (AKFCN) and Ektaa R Kapoor (Balaji Motion Pictures), the women firmly take centre stage, unencumbered by masculine star power.

Tabu said ,”Every film has its own world and it’s nice to inhabit different kinds of worlds. I’ve always had a mixed bag of films in my career and it feels great to be doing a home production with such talented co-stars. Kareena, I’ve worked with your sister in so many movies. I remember Babita used to call us “the hit pair of cinema” so you feel familiar to me by extension. Kriti is so beautiful and hard-working, and I’m sure it’s going to be fun. You know how you get into a project knowing what you want from it? I’m certain I’ll derive a lot of happiness and joy from working on this film.

Kareena said, “I think I’ve just been waiting for something like this to come together with the right people. Rhea, I always knew that when you did something again, it would be nothing short of amazing. I remember when we discussed the plot and you told me you were planning to rope in Tabu and Kriti.I just thought about how perfect it would be if you could actually manage to sign them on.We created magic together in Veere, but it’s going to be so wonderful to make this movie with two such stellar female actors.

Kriti Sanon,”I’m over the moon. feel like we always get to work with the men we want to, but never with the women we look up to. It’s so rare to be cast alongside women you admire in an industry where male-dominated films rule the box office. I think that’s also one of the reasons why I don’t have too many female actors who are friends. When you told me about this project even before you revealed the rest of the cast, I remember how keen I was to be a part of it solely because it would have two other women in leading roles. When I got to know who the other two actors would be, I was even more thrilled because I’ve been a fan of both Tabu and Kareena. I’ve bumped into Tabu at various events, parties and award functions, and she has always been so warm. Bebo is simply iconic. Who doesn’t want to work with her?