Russo Brothers’ Ryan Gosling film is a two-hour migraine

The Gray Man review: The Russo Brothers’ espionage action thriller is a chaotic mess which is barely salvaged by its two leads Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans, as well as Indian star Dhanush.
The Gray Man, based on a bestselling novel of the same name by Mark Greaney, follows the infamous Sierra Six (Ryan Gosling), a CIA mercenary who has turned his back on the Agency. Consequently, he is now being hunted by his unhinged former colleague Lloyd Hansen (Chris Evans) and almost every mercenary in the world (a truly diverse cast including Dhanush and Wagner Moura).
With a reported budget of $200 million, it is the most expensive Netflix film to date. On top of that, it is the first film Brothers Russo–Anthony and Joe–have made since Avengers Endgame. All this and the tier-A cast made it one of the most-anticipated films of the year. However, the end result is disappointingly underwhelming. The story is straightforward but the action is chaotic, the background score loud, and some of the cinematographic choices really puzzling