Soon after covid , Bollywood is facing a tough time as audience choice has made a prominent shift. DRISHYAM 2 has brought back cheer, joy, hope, confidence and optimism in an industry that was staring at failures week after week. Perhaps, the resurrection has just commenced with DRISHYAM 2, but the industry needs several DRISHYAM 2s to erase the memory of the nightmarish Fridays we witnessed in 2022.
DRISHYAM 2 is delivering really big numbers at the BO. And as it can be noticed , the Abhishek Pathak directorial has cruised past the premium ₹ 100 cr mark which is a noteworthy achievement in today’s times. The curiosity in viewers to watch DRISHYAM 2 was evident during the advance bookings itself. The advances were generally good, but gathered momentum two days before its release.