It’s that time of year again , the cuffing season, and as the weather gets cooler, Billie Ellish and Jesse Rutherford are seemingly getting cozier and cozier. New photos from TMZ show the two musicians dining together in Los Angeles last night. They were even spotted sharing a steamy kiss on the sidewalk outside the restaurant.

It’s the third outing we’ve seen in less than a week where they seemed to be getting cozy. Remember, it all started with a video that surfaced showing them at Halloween Horror Nights looking like a couple. Ditto for a dinner date night the day before. There’s been evidence they’ve been hanging out since at least August of this year , when they were photographed at the same movie premiere. Some are calling it icky, but Billie and Jesse themselves clearly don’t give a rip — and appear to almost be sticking it to the haters with the over-the-top affection here.