OTT platforms have reached huge number of audience specially after the pandemic has hit the world. Even now the movies has made a come back to theatres, people still prefer OTT platform a lot. This September, some interesting films are going to hit OTT which includes movies that have already been released in theatres and the one which are directly releasing on OTT platforms.
Following is the list of interesting films that you can watch on OTT platforms this September:

1.Thor : love and Thunder on Disney plus Hotstar
Led by Chris Hemsworth and Christian Bale, this Marvel Studios movie will hit the OTT platform on September 8. The story is about how Thor takes the help of Valkyrie, his ex-girlfriend Jane Foster, and Korg for fighting with Gorr the God Butcher.

  1. Flight/Risk on Amazon Prime Video :
    This movie is releasing on 9th September which revolves around the few incidences of crashing of a few Boeing 737 Max planes and unfolds the lives of the families of those who were killed in these crashes and the devastation that the terrible accident caused in their lives.
  2. Goodnight Mommy on Amazon Prime Video:
    This movie will start streaming on 16th September which is a remake of an Austrian movie released in 2014, it stars Naomi Watts in the lead and is directed by Matt Sobel. The story is about twin brothers who suddenly find their mother engaged in something fishy on their return from school.

4.Jogi on Netflix:
This movie is releasing on 16th September. Directed by Ali Abbas Zafar, the story of this Diljit Dosanjh movie revolves around the riots that took place in 1984.This movie has already created a lot of hype due to the lead actors and director.

5.Ek villain returns on Netflix :
This movie is going to hit screens on 21st September. Ek Villain Returns is the sequel to 2014’s blockbuster movie Ek Villain. The movie has some good songs and was appreciated in cinemas for climax.

6.Babli Bouncer on Disney plus Hotstar :
This movie is releasing on 23rd September , starring Tamanna Bhatia who is returning to Bollywood after a long gap with this Madhur Bhandarkar-helmed flick. As the title suggests, the movie is about a female bouncer called Babli and her struggles.

7.Plan A Plan B on Netflix :
This movie is releasing on 30th September Which is a romantic comedy thriller about a matchmaker who thinks that marriage is good for everyone except her. It gets interesting when she crosses paths with a successful divorce lawyer who has a secret.

8.Hocus Pocus 2 on Disney plus Hotstar :
This movie is releasing on 30th September which is about three young women who are responsible for accidentally bringing back the Sanderson Sisters in today’s Salem. Now, these women must find out a way to send these child-hungry witches back and stop them from creating havoc.