“Punjabi Travel Couple” is the YouTube channel created by Mr. Ripan and Ms. Khushi with over 385,000K subscribers. They started their channel 3 years ago ( July 7, 2019 ) and has uploaded 421 videos. Views of their channel are 70,752,324 and they shared the content of Travel & Events. As the name of their channel suggests, they love to travel to different countries and their historical places.

Both Ripan and Khushi are doing PhD from Punjabi University, Patiala in Comparative study of Religion’s. They both are from Barnala. Ripan and Khushi loves Travel, Photography and visit to new places. They love road trips and want to see every part of earth. They also love to meet new people, know about their cultures and explore the rest with them. At that time, Ripan and Khushi explored 26 countries and they also shared their experience through their YouTube channel “Punjabi Travel Couple”.

1 . Here are Their Traveling Details :

All over India in 2012-2017
India to Indonesia in 2018 (6000 Kms)
India to Russia in 2019 (8000Kms)

2 . Countries They Visited

Myanmar Indonesia
Afghanistan Tajikistan
Russia Uzbekistan
Malaysia Hong Kong
Singapore Bangladesh
London Cambodia
Thailand Laos
Nepal Azerbaijan
Bhutan Vietnam
Kazakhstan Sri Lanka
Pakistan Kashmir

3 . The Net Worth of Punjabi Travel Couple :

Total $ 75,572
Daily $36
Weekly $253
Monthly $8904
Yearly $106,844

This is the information about their income till February 22,2023. It will also be changed due to their channel net worth.