Talking about the MLB Rumours , the major one is that Outfielder Aaron Judge has arrived in San Francisco and is expected to meet with the Giants on Tuesday, according to , Judge, a Northern California native was ranked by CBS Sports as the top free agent available for this offseason. The Yankees also even used him in centre for most of the season, a nod toward his athleticism. The knocks against Judge remain the same as they were in the springtime, when he rejected a seven-year extension offer worth $213.5 million: 1) he’s on the wrong side of 30 (he’ll turn 31 in April) and 2) he’s had his share of injuries. The most important number on Judge’s stat sheet, then, might not be 62 but rather 152, or his average number of games played the last two years.

Another rumour is that Cody Bellinger is seeking one-year deal in free agency. When asked Bellinger’s agent Scott , he stated ,” “I’ve already been offered multi-years,”Most likely, because of his age, we don’t want a multi-year.” The rationale here is that Bellinger and Boras believe the 2020 shoulder injury lingered into 2021 and affected his performance even this year that is 2022. They’d like a one-year deal to rebuild value before hitting free agency for a big payday on a long-term deal, then. It’s been quite a ride for Bellinger. He won MVP in 2019 with the Dodgers and then played through a separated shoulder through a portion of 2020. He had surgery to repair it in November of that year.