Upcoming Movies on March 3, 2023 –

1. Laapataa Ladies –

“Laapataa Ladies” is an upcoming Hindi movie. The story of this movie is based on two young brides, who get lost from a train. The movie depicts the rural area in India. Ravi Kishan plays a role of police officer. Releasing on – 3 March 2023 Directed by – Kiran Rao Produced by – Amir Khan Starring by – Nitanshi Goel, Ravi Kishan, Chhaya Kadam Sparsh Srivastav, Vivek Savarikar Category – Comedy, Drama

2. Lovefully Yours Veda –

“ Lovefully Yours Veda ” is an upcoming Malayalam movie. The plot revolves around the friendship, romance and politics of the students. It set in the 90s. Maalu, who is a member of musical band and made a song. The song takes from the walls of Varma college, which is written in the form of poem. It becomes a big hit. After that the band discover the poet . And then they come to know about its poet. Sree Veda, a former student of the college and write this poet. She explain the story behind the poem. Releasing on – 3 March 2023 Directed by – Praghesh Sukumaran Produced by – Radhakrishnan, Khalayil Starring by – Rajisha Vijayan, Venkitesh V.P, Sreenath Bhasi Category – Romantic and Drama

3. Raundal –

Raundal is an Indian Marathi- language movie. It represents the life of a former, who is form Maharashtra. He has a lot of knowledge about agriculture. He knows how to grow agricultural produce but realized it has difficult to sell. Releasing on – 3 March 2023 Directed by – Gajanan Nana Padol Produced by – Balasaheb Shinde Starring by – Bhausaheb Shinde, Yashraaj Dimple, Neha Sonawane Category – Action and Drama

4. Grandhalayam –

Grandhalayam is an upcoming Telugu movie. The story of the movie revolves around a book in the library, which is leading to deaths in the village. The main character plays by Vinnu Maddipati as Raja. When Raja knows about the death of his best friend Shiva, he decides to solve the mystery behind the book. Releasing on – 3 March 2023 Directed by – Sai Shivan Jampana Starring by – Vinnu Maddipati, Smrita Rani, Alok Jain Kasi Vishwanath Category – Mystery , Thriller, Crime

5. Dooradarshana –

Dooradarshana is a Kannada based movie. It revolves around the set of 80s. The film depicts the cultural and traditional values of the village, where people lived together. The film describes how television affects the lives of the rural people. Releasing on – 3 March 2023 Directed by – Sukesh Shetty Produced by – Rajesh Bhat Starring by – Pruthvee Ambaar, Sundar Veena, Ayaana Category – Drama, Comedy