Talking about the top 10 cars of august 2022, This is the first time in a very long time that the results are different. Maruti Suzuki holds the crown of topping with an astonishing 7 vehicles among these 10, whereas Tata has 2 cars and Hyundai has only 1.

Baleno is the highest-selling PV in India with 18,418 units sold with 17.72% . Baleno holds a 13.04% share of this list. WagonR sold 18,398 units in August 2022 registering 91.90% growth YoY. Brezza being on the third spot With 15,193 units sold in August 2022, it registered 17.72% YoY growth and 56.48% MoM growth. Nexon has held 4th spot consistently for a long time.

With 15,085 units sold in August 2022, it registers 50.76% YoY growth and 6.13% MoM growth and commands a 10.68% share of this list.Alto has secured 5th position as It sold 14,388 units with 8.70% YoY growth and 58.72% MoM growth.

Creta is on 6th position With 12,577 units sold, it registered a drop of 0.16% YoY and 0.38% MoM.

The little Punch from Tata with 5-star crash safety rating bags 12,006 units in August 2022 and registers a 9.08% growth MoM. Eeco which was at 6th place last month, with 11,999 units, it now takes 8th spot in August 2022 and registers 12.50% of YoY growth and 8.04% drop in sales MoM.Swift Dzire takes 9th spot With just 11,868 units sold in August 2022, Dzire registers 107.70% growth YoY. But sees 13.67% de-growth MoM.Swift came last With 11,275 units sold in August 2022, it registered a 9.68% dip in sales YoY and even worse, a 35.71% dip in sales MoM.