Shaitaan, the supernatural horror-thriller, had a dramatic decrease on Monday, and the downturn persisted on Tuesday after performing extraordinarily well the previous weekend. The Bollywood film dominated the box office on its first day of release, March 8, and continued to do so until day four.

Shaitaan Box Office Collection:

As per reports, over the course of its five-day theatrical run, the film earned ₹61.25 crore net. The mysterious horror-thriller made ₹6.50 crore net on its fifth day, which fell on March 12.

On the day of its premiere in India, the film directed by Vikas Bahl brought in ₹14.75 crore net. On Saturday, the second day of the film’s release, the collection topped ₹18.75, registering an increase of 27.12%.

On Sunday, day 3, the movie’s earnings increased by 9.33% to ₹20.5 crore net, indicating that it was still in strong demand. Thus, in its opening weekend, the film produced by Jio Studios and Panorama Studios brought in ₹39.25 crore net.


Shaitaan Synopsis:

A dramatic narrative is revealed in the captivating trailer for Shaitaan. Ajay and Jyotika’s home becomes a haven for Madhavan, who plays the adversary. By the time Jyotika realizes that Madhavan is a threat, it is too late and she begs her husband to terminate him. His daughter is used as a weapon against them, and he claims to have hypnotized her.

Ajay and Jyotika are fighting valiantly to safeguard their daughter because Madhavan’s motivations are yet unknown. Action, poignant drama and spine-tingling suspense are all promised in this movie.

Jyothika’s comeback:

Jyothika also appears in the movie Shaitaan. This marks her return to Hindi cinema. Janki Bodiwala, an actress from Gujarat, plays a crucial part as well. It’s a reimagining of the popular Gujarati movie Vash, in which Janki played the lead again. The narrative centers on a devoted family whose lives are upended when a stranger uses the house’s daughter as his personal puppet and casts her under his influence.

Shaitaan – Ajay Devgn and R. Madhavan