Viewers gave rave reviews to the opening of ‘Badhai Do’ featuring Bhumi Pednekar and Rajkumar Rao.Despite of film’s critics, fans returning from theatres appreciate the movie for its ‘honest, innocent and inclusive’ story of love. Talking  about the said movie, it is the journey of lesbian woman and gay man who married to each other because of societal pressures and also in order to keep it confidential about their true sexual orientations from the family. As per the reviews, one of the twitter users said that,”No straight person can ever understand how deeply personal and affecting this film is!” He further added that,”The way the film portrays homosexual relationships trying to show them like heterosexual “normal” relationships is another masterstroke!”
Another applauded the lead actors’ performance by saying “You guys totally nailed it….. What an amazing movie. The perfect blend of emotions, comedy, message, inclusion and what not…… I am totally numb.”
“A well made film about LGBTQ Community and it will break the taboo around it in society. Not many will like it but it is definitely a good watch and important story to tell #RajkummarRao #BhumiPednekar film will give you a smile,”said by another fan in tweet. One of the Instagram user praised the movie by writing”,This movie is freakishly perfectly well made . You laugh laugh and don’t realize when you start shedding tears. I m forever going to be your fan bhumi”