The month of November was a treat for movie lovers as it was full of good movies like Bhediya and Monica, O My Darling taking over which were like by audience. December being a month of holidays and joy is also coming up with some best releases in different genres where film industry is expecting a lot from audience in terms of positive response. So if audience for looking for full pack of best new releases in month of December , here comes with a whole new line-up of upcoming Bollywood movies for upcoming week for viewers to enjoy . Also it has to be seen that whether audience will enjoy these movies or not .

1.Vijayanand :

Vijayanand is a biopic of Padma shri awardee Dr. Vijay sankeshwar, the owner of the largest commercial vehicle fleet in the country. Directed by Rishika Sharma and starring Nihal R,Bharat Bopanna , Vinaya Prasad etc is all to release on 9th December in theatres.

2.Khatra (Dangerous) :

Story of a girl named Rashmi ,an aspiring model, rents out and apartment where she meets another girl Nalini,her neighbour who lives with her husband . They both end up making love as the story unfolds. Directed by Ram Gopal Verma, starring Naina Ganguly ,Apsara Rani ,Rajpal Yadav and many more , this movie is hitting screens on 9th December.

3.Life is Good :

This is a story of a person named Rameshwar, who loses the person he loves the most and her death makes her completely alone. Directed by Ananth Mahadevan and starring Jackie Shroff, Rajit Kapoor, Mohan Kapoor and others , this movie will be in hands of audience on 9th December.

4.Shadow Assissns :

This is a story of some true incidents of a boy which is directed by Nilaanjan Reeta Datta. The star cast includes Anura Sinha ,Mishthi ,Hemant Kher and will be in theatres on 9th December.

5.Tere Layi :

The movie is directed by Amit Prasher and featuring Harish Verma, Sweetaj Brar, Nirmal Rishi, Bhumika Sharma and Seema Kaushal as lead characters. Other popular actors who were roped in for Tere Layi are Nisha Bano, Sukhwinder Raj and Surinder Singh.The movie is hitting screens on 9th December.