1 Martyrs’ Day 2024: Remembering Mahatma Gandhi on his death anniversary

January 30 is the death anniversary of the father of the nation, Mahatma Gandhi, who was assassinated by Nathuram Vinayak Godse on this day in 1948, just five months and 15 days after the country gained independence from British rule.

He returned to India in 1915 and soon began organizing farmers and urban workers to protest against discrimination. He initiated non-violent and non-violent movements against British colonial rule. His nonviolent approach and ability to win people over with love and tolerance had a profound impact on the civil rights movement.

He not only dedicated his life to India’s freedom struggle but also led the nationwide movement against untouchability and poverty. He was also an advocate for women’s rights.

On January 30, 1948, he went to Birla Bhavan in Delhi to attend evening prayers (around 5:17 pm) along with his great-niece Nathuram Godse (a Hindu nationalist).

2 Maldives President Mohamed Muizou faces parliamentary impeachment motion

The Maldives’ main opposition party, the Maldives Democratic Party (MDP), which holds a majority in parliament, has collected enough signatures to submit a motion to impeach Maldives President Mohamed Muizou, ANI reported on Monday, citing local media reports.

The Sun reported that Democrats worked with Democrats to collect signatures for the impeachment motion. The impeachment motion against the president was supported by a total of 34 members of Congress, including representatives of the Democratic Party and Democratic Party.

“Democrats, working with Democrats, have collected enough signatures for an impeachment motion. However, they have not yet submitted it,” the report quoted a Democratic lawmaker as saying.

The decision to table the impeachment motion was taken unanimously at Monday’s MDP parliamentary group meeting, The Edition.mv reported.

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