“Desirichkid” aka Manjeet Singh Sanga, a Trillionaire boy was born in a small city near Berlin, Germany. Basically, Manjeet is an Indian-Punjabi boy because his father left India at the age 17 and settled in Germany. His father, who worked as a cleaner in restaurants, later become ill and it was difficult for his mom as well. At age 13 Manjeet deciding that he must take care of his family on his own, starts reading books and intends to become an online businessman due to the chronic disease of his father.

In 2018, At the age of 13, Manjeet started his first jewelry business, but it failed. Due to his positive outlook and willingness to learn from mistakes, he wasn’t deterred by this. Instead, he put a lot of effort into improving. Manjeet left school at the age of 17 to pursue his boyhood passion of starting a business. His attention was drawn to the growth of the Dropshipping sector. In order to start his business, Desirichkid believed that the Dropshipping sector will experience future growth. The firm started out slowly, but Manjeet’s inventive marketing and campaigning managed to gain some online notice. His company expanded over time, and today he controls major e-commerce brands and manages more than six online sites. Through his marketing, he is pulling figures and approaching close to seven figures in profit each month.

In 2020, Manjeet started online business of Dropshipping. Desirichkid says that he just needs a laptop or phone and Wi-Fi for business. Manjeet buys products from Amazon and began by selling used items on Ebay at higer price. After learning about dropshipping, he created many dropshipping websites and started creating social media ads for different products. He had no time for socializing and was entirely focused on his professional objective. In order to subsequently have fun, he totally grinded.

In 2021, Manjeet’s business grew a lot because of his marketing skill. Today, he has owned his 6 online stores and earns 25-30 thousand dollars a day (approximately 20 lakh). Desirichkid says that when he started the business, he earned only 35 dollars. In addition, he had a strong yearning for worldly possessions like expensive fast vehicles, extravagant homes, and watches. Now Sanga has a private jet, a McLaren, a G-wagon, a Lamborghini, and several more luxury vehicles.

Additionally, Desirichkid also started a dropshipping consultancy firm and is now assisting clients who are looking to launch their own businesses. And tells people how to sell their products. He recommends what is best for their business. Manjeet Singh Sangha has helped many of them earn monthly 5-6 figure amounts. In addition to everything else, Desirichkid also invests in real estate. For the purpose of accumulating long-term wealth, he has been establishing a sizable portfolio of industrial and residential properties. His ability to freely control everything through his laptop is for him the ultimate luxury. Using his laptop to run everything, he can work whenever he wants and go anywhere in the globe.

In his brand-new car, Manjeet visited a Gurudwara Sahib in Germany, then he noticed a youngster taking his pictures close to his car. The boy was forced to sit in the car by Manjeet, who also snapped his picture. From here, we get to know that Manjeet has a straightforward and down to earth personality. “Desirichkid” was also spotted having a good time at the party with renowned comedian Kapil Sharma. On his private jet, Sanga also went to UK to purchase a rose gold watch worth $1.5 thousand.

One of the top dropshipping consultants in Germany, Manjeet Singh Sangha, aka Desirichkid, has not only realized his own childhood ambitions but is now assisting others in doing the same. He does this with kindness and a positive outlook. To learn more, check out his Instagram account at @desirichkid.

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