Huge number of Manchester supporters who were angry at the direction of the club under its American owners took part in a protest ahead of the Premier League game against Liverpool on Monday. About 10,000 supporters marched to Old Trafford and chanted against the Glazer family holding banners that stated “We want Glazers out” calling for the Americans to sell United as they walked from a nearby pub toward the club’s storied Old Trafford stadium an hour before kickoff of one of the biggest matches in English football.

The target of the majority of the anger is the Glazer family, who bought United in 2005 with a leveraged takeover that loaded debt onto a club that previously didn’t have any. Payments on interest, debt and dividends to the Glazers are estimated to have cost United more than £1 billion.

Although, players from both teams arrived at the ground before the protest started, but even after kickoff there was a large group of fans still protesting as Manchester United marked their remarkable win against Liverpool in the match.