When it comes to the entertainment industries in India,  one can not ignore the Punjabi entertainment industry. In terms of the production of both films and music Punjabi industry has been making its mark in the recent decade, even more so than it did in the earlier ones. The entertainment industry has given rise to many artists known today and some of them have made their pathway towards the Bollywood industry. These artists have been welcomed by the audience in a lovely way, as the public already knew most of them and their entrance has just made B-Town better. The growth has made it possible to turn it like the way a caterpillar turns into a butterfly. Several remixes have been made out of popular songs and have been a part of Bollywood movies. The remixes have included the latest as well as folk songs and that’s how we can tell that the Punjabi industry is pretty well-known and enjoyed by the other industries. 

We think that everyone can agree on the part that Punjabi music has its swagger. The beats are something that will make even a non-dancer groove to the beat coming out of the speaker at any event or party. From sad songs that touch our hearts and soul to the upbeat ones that are the life of any party, wedding, or occasion. The versatile nature of the industry is something to be appreciated and is to be counted as one of the main reasons why it is so popular. Not only in India, but Punjabi music is also known all over the world and the lingo is loved all over. The people enjoy dancing to the beat even when they do not understand the language. That’s how beautiful Punjabi music is! 

This has also led to the rise of production houses that have been successful in introducing more and more new and worthy talent in the industry. The labels are highly committed to get the highest quality of talent and to project the talent in a unique way that would be loved by the audience. One of the noteworthy record labels is “BAMB BEATS”. BAMB BEATS is a record label that was incorporated in the year 2017. Within a few years only this music label has a whopping number of subscribers on the YouTube channel to be around 3.54 million and counting. The Director of Bamb Beats Music Private Limited is Harinder Singh Dhaliwal. And, we think that he has a good eye for talent which can be made out by the content we have been getting out of this record label. The increase of labels like this is an opportunity for everyone to introduce talent never seen before. Which is what this best music company in Chandigarh, Mohali is trying to do according to us. The statistics of their youtube channel in a period from 2017-2021 at present have reached a total of 961,184,414 views. That is a great number for a production house.


LabelBamb Beats
FoundersHarwinder Dhaliwal, Rubal Sidhu
Active from2017 - Present


  • This production house has many talented artists which have already set their marks in the music industry.       
  • This is a house to talented singers like Amrit Maan who have been associated with them and are widely known by the audience.
  •  Maan touched the heights of fame after the release of his first song, Desi Da Drum which was a super-duper hit song. 
  • Amrit Maan is also well known in the Punjabi Industry for his debut film Channa Mereya. 
  • He began his career as a songwriter and his first song “Jatt Fire Karda” sung by Diljit Dosanjh was a huge hit. 
  • Amrit Maan is a singer, actor, and lyricist all in one and has written songs for popular stars and acting in several movies. The lyrics of various hit songs like Guerrilla War, Jatt fire Karda, and HaanKargi, etc are provided by Amrit Maan only. 
  • His first song as a great singer “MuchhTeMashook” was an instant hit. Amrit Maan”s  songs remind of old Punjabi style singing which is one of the most important reasons for his popularity. 
  • The blend of Punjabi roots and a modern outlook makes his songs loved by the audience and is something everyone can enjoy. 
  • Some of his famous songs are “Shikaar,” “Kaali Camaro,” “Bamb Jatt”, and “Sach Te Supna”. 
  • More than 40 million people have viewed his latest song “Peg Di Waashna” on YouTube.
  •  All his songs are so energetic and the beats make the audience groove on their dance floors on occasions like Weddings, Birthday Parties and others. 
  • AmritMaan’s popularity makes him the heart of parties and people’s favorite whenever they need upbeat songs on their amplifier. 
  • Songs like “Difference” and “collarbone” with BAMB BEATS production house have become extremely popular. The song “difference” has over 82 million views while the song “collarbone” has 32 million views. 
  • The song “Trending Nakhra”- AmritMaan ft. Ginni Kapoor is the one to be talked about the most and it has 245 million views on their youtube channel and that is something that tells us how much the people love this artist! We love the music video and can see how the artist is so versatile in what he does. 
  • Other artists like Simran Dhillon and Jigar associated with the label are also to be looked forward to. The songs like “Gun Label” and “Pink PinkAddiyan” have gained a lot of popularity among the people because the artists backed by this company very well rule the hearts of audiences across the globe. 
  • Renowned singers like Anmol Gagan Maan, Singha, SajjanAdeeb have already worked with this company and the company is also looking to work with other famous singers. 
  • The company never fails to satisfy the people and helps in launching the best of the hits every time.
  • Their songs are trendy and get popular with every release and we can’t wait to know what new they have got up their sleeve. 
  • We are looking forward to more and more collaborations with artists that would give creative and innovative music.
  • The songs are noticed to be trending on social media platforms and the potential of the artists cannot be ignored.
  • BAMB BEATS has made its mark on the platform and now it is up to them to showcase the more and more hidden talent like they have been so far to increase more. Having songs that are a part of all genres, has made the channel versatile and interesting. We are looking forward to more from BAMB BEATS.


2017Jatti Da KhayaalJimmy Kaler Ft. Mista Baaz
2017RumMeet Hundal
2017Akh Ja BotalJass Cheem Ft. Byg Byrd
2017NewspaperJagmeet Bhullar Ft. Mix Singh
2017Trending NakhraAmrit Maan Ft. Ginni Kapoor
2018DifferenceAmrit Maan Ft. Sonia Mann
2018Movie StarSimran Dhillon Ft. Amrit Maan
2018Collar BoneAmrit Maan Ft. Himanshi Khurana
2018KhaufJigar Ft. Amrit Maan Ft. Shehnaz Gill
2018Pasand TeriAnmol Gagan Maan
2018Dil Da KoraSajjan Adeeb
2018Mere VargiShri Brar Ft. Raavi Brar
2019Pinda AaleSimu Dhillon Ft. Amrit Maan
2019Master PieceJigar Ft. Gurlej Akhtar
2019Gun LabelJigar Ft. Ginni Kapoor
2019AakadAmrit Maan Ft. Desi Crew
2019Ikko Ik ChaaArsh Maini
2020Subah Jatt DaAmrit Maan Ft Gurlej Akhtar
2020Pink Pink AddiyanJigar Ft. Amrit Maan
2020Asi Oh Hunne AaAmrit Maan
2020Hoor Mittran DiJigar Ft. Sara Gurpal
2021Hawa Aaun DeJigar Ft. Gurlej Akhtar
2021Kala TikkaRavneet Ft. Akaisha
2021MaaJoban Dhandra
2021Yaaran Vich RabbEkam Sudhar Ft. R Nait