Prem Singh Sidhu wrote the script for this movie. According to the plot of the movie Chidiyan Da Chamba, women still have a lot of problems in life, and they should now speak up against anything that is illegal that is occurring to them. They may be living against their will, but freedom is still a more wonderful thing. The narrative centers on four rebellious girls who are fed up with life and its circumstances. They four bonded with one another, accomplished a significant life goal, and served as role models for other females.

Excellent performances were given by Amyra Dastur, Neha Pawar, Sharan Kaur, and Mehnaaz Maan in their respective parts. They played their roles so well because they had a deep understanding of their personalities. As Sharan Kaur occasionally outperformed others in many sequences, she deserves special recognition.

Shivjot made an appearance following the break and gave a strong effort on his debut. As an officer, he left an impression, and we look forward to seeing him again soon.

Balwinder Bullet created an impression with his solo portions, as did Sanju Solanki. And at the end, Yograj Singh gave a remarkable cameo. Good acting was displayed by the remaining members of the cast.

In theaters, the sound quality of “Chidiyan Da Chamba” has noticeably improved. The precise placement of every song and musical number accentuates the film’s range of emotional highs and lows. Nonetheless, a more attentive consideration of the subtleties in the dubbing could have improved the movie’s audio quality overall.

Overall, the film offers important life lessons about how to treat women and girls at home and in society, all while being a really fun watch. Chidiyan Da Chamba illustrates the struggles women endure on a daily basis and how nothing ever seems to go in their favor. The topic’s good direction has prompted the audience to pay closer attention. It appears that Chidiyan Da Chamba will also feature a second part, but we won’t know for sure until the producers make a formal statement.


Punjabi Movie- Chidiya Da Chamba