After a tough loss to the Raiders, the Broncos look to quickly bounce back in a “Thursday Night Football” matchup with the Indianapolis Colts. Both struggling veteran quarterbacks had their best games of the season in losing Week 4 efforts. The difference is that Russell Wilson has better receivers, a better defense, a more cohesive offensive line and doesn’t lead the league in fumbles by three. The Colts were struggling to run the ball with Jonathan Taylor, so there’s not much hope for them with him out of the lineup.

The Broncos dropped a tough game at the Raiders in Week 5 and also lost running back Javonte Williams (knee) for the season. The good news is, they got Russell Wilson going in the downfield passing game and face a struggling back seven in coverage this week. The Colts at best will have a banged-up Jonathan Taylor (ankle) in the backfield and will be playing another game without defensive leader Shaquille Leonard (concussion). They have been awful on the road this season and Matt Ryan will have a mostly rough night. One big difference between these two low-scoring teams is turnovers. The Colts are tied for second-most in the N.F.L. with nine so far this season, while the Broncos have only four. Two of those Denver turnovers, however, were fumbles by running back Melvin Gordon, including one last week that the Raiders converted into a touchdown.