Hardeep Grewal who has made an impression amazing viewers for making motivational movies and songs is coming back with another movie named “Batch 2013” . Directed by Garry Khatrao and produced by Hardeep Grewal, leads roles will be played by Hardeep Grewal, Neeta Mohindra, Paramvir Singh and many more.

As expected, Hardeep Grewal has left everyone amazed with his outstanding transformation. But the film’s trailer is much more than that. It centers on the journey of Hardeep Grewal who is referred to as ‘useless’ for no reason, but his dedication to join a special police force after his father’s death is the real twist in the film’s plot.

It is to be yet seen on 9th September if Hardeep and his team are again going to make a space in hearts of viewers just like his previous releases. Well, this cannot be denied that the expectations are high and viewers are looking forward for some good content.