Today, Apple announced that it will release the IOS 16 for iPhones on 12th September. This upgrade was first announced in June and released a public beta in July. As a result,a plethora of features that will come with the update won’t be much of a surprise. Still there will be changes experienced by iPhone users.

First of all, there will be a variety of improvements to the lock screen, including the ability to add widgets and customize its look and a new way of presenting notifications. Users will be able to edit and recall sent messages (with some limitations), use the new iCloud Shared Photo Library to share photos with your family, and use the Live Text feature to pull text from videos as well as photos, with new abilities added.
The new operating system is perfectly timed to be introduced along with Apple’s latest iPhones, IPhone 14 series, which will be available for preorder on September 9th and available in stores on September 16th.