5. Who Am I–

Who Am I is movie. The story is based on young a Hindi love birds, Bhavitavya & Aditi. Bhavitavya is a philosophy student who is always curious about the philosophical questions. Aditi is a cheerul girl who always finds the little things to the enjoy the every of part life. When Bhavitavya’ philosophy professor died, the story takes a turn. After that he thought about the questions of existence- like “Who Am I?” or “ko Aham?” The story describe the journey of self-discovery, wondering who he is & what his life means. The movie is shot on the bank of the river Narmads. The international film festival is appreciated this film. Releasin on – 27 Jan 2023. Directed by- Shireesh Khemaring Produced by – Shirish Prakash Starring by- Chetan Sharma ( as Bhavitavya ) Rishika Chandani (as Aditi) Surendra Rajan Shashie Verma Category- Drama

4. Hunt–

Hunt in an upcoming Telugu movie.The movie is based on a Police officer Arjun. The lead role plays by the Telugu actor Sudheer Bahu. Aujun, the cop is on a mission to find out the high-profile murder case of an ACP. Unfortunately, He met with an accident and lost his memory. After this, a lot of drama and high- voltage dynamic action happen. Manjula Ghattamaneni also plays a crucial role. Releasing On-26 Jan 2023 Directed by:- Mahesh Surapaneni Produced by:- V. Anand Prasad Casting by:- Sudheer Bahu (Arjun) Bharth Niwas Meka Srikanth Category:- Action, Thriller & Crime

3. Alone —

Alone movie is a Malayalam based language. The story is based on COVID-19 in India during 2020. Mohanlal plays a lead role as kalidas. When he travels from Coimbatore to Kerala, he gets stuck due to the pandemic lock-down. Only he is one to appear in the film. And then, he trying to get out of the situation and talking to the spirits. Releasing on- 26 Jan 2023 Directed by- Shaji Kailas Produced by- Antony Perumbavoor Casting by- Mohanlal, Prithviraj Sukumaran, Manju warrier, Siddique Category- Thriller & Mystery


Bamboo is a Marathi movie. The movie hinge on the life style, behavior & language of today’s youth. The movie indicates the love story of young couple passing by the Bamboo forest. It is an entertaining and fantastic film along with so many obstacles. Releasing on- 26 Jan 2023 Directed by- Vishal Deorukhkar Produced by- Tejaswini Pandit & Santosh Kher Casting by- Abhinay Berde, Vaishnavi Kalyankar Parth Bhalerao Shivaji Satam Samir Choughule Atual Kale Category- Comedy

1. Gandhi-Godse. “Ek yadh” –

As per the name this is a Historical, Political & drama movie. This movie based upon the partition of Hindu & Muslim. According to Godse, Gandhiji responsible for the partition. On the day of 30th Jan. 1948, Godse shoots Gandhi but miraculously Gandhi ji is saved. Gandhi starts movement to inform the villagers of self-reliance through Gram Swaraj. In this movie, the war of ideologies creates so many arguments & debates.