The final season of the cult Spanish series Money Heist is divided into two parts of five episodes each. Eventually, the Spanish thriller is back for one last time and our. Netflix has released the second volume of Season 5, with the final five episodes of the cult series. The show’s stars have greeted fans in India in a special video on the finale release day. The fifth season has been divided into two parts of five episodes each. The first five episodes were telecasted on Netflix on September 3, 2021. The show gained more fans in India during the lockdown in the summer of 2020. The thriller is about a group of thieves and their elaborate heists became Netflix’s most-watched series not in English after it picked up the show in December 2017.

“Namaste, India,” says Alvaro Morte aka The Professor with folded hands, in the opening of the video. He continued, “We never imagined that the series and the characters were going to receive so much love from so far away, so thank you.” Esther Acebo, who plays Stockholm on the series, said, “Truly, thank you so much for your support, your love.” “Shukriya,” says Najwa Nimri, who is portrayed as Alicia Sierra. “The cast of Money Heist is here to say Gracias to fans from India and we just want to give them La Casa De Pappis,” Netflix India said on Instagram.  The robber characters have code names from cities around the world, which hooked the viewers and made it a global success.